Sunday, February 21, 2010

Dave Rayner... I like the sound of this

Ok so we all knew Shayne Graham had to go, he's never been good in clutch situations, yes he's the most accurate kicker in Bengal history and yes we've had some bad ass kickers (Jim Breech, Doug Pelfrey), but if you can't make them when they matter its time to go. Rayner filled in for Graham for 2 games in 08 when graham had a groin injury and has been a journeyman kicker for a while, but now maybe its time for him to finally set his roots and make a home for himself in Cincinnati. He's a michigan native so the weather shouldn't be too much of a problem.

However I'm skeptical about Matt Jones... if he turns out to be another successful turn around by the redeemer Mike Brown then so be it but this guy looks like he's not ready to change yet.

Morp was AWESOME. Definitely my best morp ever, which is good since its my senior year :D Had a war with Arturo and his Goons, while me and my band of brothers (Jacob, Peanut, and Tyler) beat them down with toilet paper and rubbed their heads with Balloons. Oh they thought they'd get me but even when they sent Austin Miller on me I managed to turn the tides. We won the battle of Cafeteria hill but the war is still on.

Copperhead is starting to come together quite nicely... you know... when we're not chasing each other with toy guns. Precipice is making some awesome progress too and it might not be long before we get a gig :D

Can't wait for Jordan's gig tonight!

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