Sunday, February 21, 2010

Dave Rayner... I like the sound of this

Ok so we all knew Shayne Graham had to go, he's never been good in clutch situations, yes he's the most accurate kicker in Bengal history and yes we've had some bad ass kickers (Jim Breech, Doug Pelfrey), but if you can't make them when they matter its time to go. Rayner filled in for Graham for 2 games in 08 when graham had a groin injury and has been a journeyman kicker for a while, but now maybe its time for him to finally set his roots and make a home for himself in Cincinnati. He's a michigan native so the weather shouldn't be too much of a problem.

However I'm skeptical about Matt Jones... if he turns out to be another successful turn around by the redeemer Mike Brown then so be it but this guy looks like he's not ready to change yet.

Morp was AWESOME. Definitely my best morp ever, which is good since its my senior year :D Had a war with Arturo and his Goons, while me and my band of brothers (Jacob, Peanut, and Tyler) beat them down with toilet paper and rubbed their heads with Balloons. Oh they thought they'd get me but even when they sent Austin Miller on me I managed to turn the tides. We won the battle of Cafeteria hill but the war is still on.

Copperhead is starting to come together quite nicely... you know... when we're not chasing each other with toy guns. Precipice is making some awesome progress too and it might not be long before we get a gig :D

Can't wait for Jordan's gig tonight!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Skin the cat in a neutral chair!

I haven't really had much to write about in this blog lately (actually I've been too lazy to actually update it) So lets recap how this weeks been.

Monday: Band Practice for the first time in two weeks :)
Tuesday: Didn't sleep a wink due to insomnia but had a generally fun day. Had a totally worthless band meeting with my new band, then went to Frisches with Cassie, Tyler, and Brooke which was fun until we ended up driving in the Blizzard... the roads were fucked up as hell.
Wednsday: Another band practice, and fun times driving to and being at Sam Ash with the band :)
Thursday: Boring day overall but I enjoyed drumline as I usually do.
Friday: Started out slow but had the first real band practice with my new band today, it didn't accomplish much but me, Josh, Sara, and Butter had fun chillin afterwards, and ended up watching Oliver and playing DBZ Budokai 3 which neither I expected to do anytime soon but hey, shit happens and both were fun lol... DragonBall Z is just too terribly awesome to fit into the general category of anime being awful.

What to look forward to?

Saturday: Hopefully hanging with Cassie part of the day, otherwise I have no idea
Sunday: I forget I think I might have had something planned
Monday: Plans to visit OU got cancelled... I'm pissed

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

We doin' big pimpin up in NYC

I have rediscovered my love for Linkin Park and Green Day! And it only took 3 years of neglecting them on my iPod/various Mp3 playing phones. Old Green Day as well as New Green Day. Stuff like Nice Guys Finish Last, Jesus of Suburbia, Homecoming, Longview, Basket Case, Haha You're Dead, East Jesus Nowhere, etc.. from Green Day and then Numb, In the End, Lying From You, Faint, and the Jay-Z remixes from Linkin Park have been all i've listened to all day!

I wrote that the other day, still highly agree... Morp got cancelled, damnit! But now we're all going to applebees in our morp attire so that should be somewhat ridiculously fun. And apparently drumline is cancelled tomorrow so I'm gonna see if anyone can hang out tomorrow... I guess you'll have to be willing to drive in that shit.

Oh yeah, I started a new band :) No name yet, and its a complete side project to precipice but this is for covering songs that we can't do in precipice for whatever reason (doesn't fit our style, or Jordan is just completely against the idea).

I'm gonna try to rewrite the Book of Jimmy for the C.R.U.D but facebook hates me so we'll see what I can do

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Avarice will kill you in time

I haven't posted in the last few days because the only things I could think to talk about were not things I'd be comfortable sharing over the intrawebz.

Lets recap... whats happened since last friday?

Saturday I was bored most of the day but then hung out with Cassie, Lawson, Ben, Tyler, Brooke, and Chris. Played Apples to Apples and watched Reefer Madness which is actually pretty good the second time around.

Well sunday I hung out with Butter and Lawson most of the day that I remember. Me and Lawson finished season 2 on Madden and he... beat me in the superbowl... but I have the balls to admit it! Then he played World of Warcraft and got to level 80 while me and Butter played a bunch of card games and a really awesome form of blackjack where we bet with Pretzels that we didn't plan to eat anyway.

Then monday was Band Practice, watching Lizzie, and Museuming. Oh and going into a fake cave that was kind of dark and had water blending in with Land causing me to step in it like an idiot, my pants and shoes were wet the rest of the day and my shoes stayed wet until today apparently.

Tuesday was Drumline.

Yesterday I had a really rough end to the day but its in the past and I'd rather not divulge that over the Internet. But before that I tried out for the Variety show and it was quite possibly one of the most exhilarating things I've done... I can't wait for the real deal.

Today was surprisingly normal.... going to drumline here soon. Also thanks to Cassie I might not fail Calc now :)

Monday, January 25, 2010

Friday, January 22, 2010

Vault & Pretzels

No, fuck you, you can't have any!!! THEY'RE MINE

Yeah but anyway where did I leave off? I think I posted yesterday so what happened today? Well we had an AP Euro exam that was EASY AS HELL. Thanks flick for the easy points :) Maybe it'll help me keep a C in that class with all those missing assignments at the end I just didn't bother with. Eng Design actually had WORK!!! OMG!!!

Then they were FORTY... 40... FUCKING FORTY!!!! minutes late picking us up from colerain... I'm gonna see if I can drop Eng Design since its worthless to me anyway.

However I did finish the Da Vinci Code today... Cassie gave me a new book to start on -.-. and I watched Angles and Demons and The Da Vinci Code movies. I now understand why Cassie complains about them so much, holy hell that was awful.

I hung out with Cassie the majority of the day today after I found out my dad was going into work and I couldn't have friends over. She kept being worried that I was mad about her sleeping during Angels and Demons, I'm not mad its no big deal lol. But yeah I went to lunch with her and got a Baked Potato with Bacon and Chedder Jack cheese on it which sounds instantly orgasmic except it was the size of Tyler's head! I finished it but felt kind of crappy afterwards. Then I ended up staying for dinner. Her mom made some really good chicken, and the corn wasn't bad either :)

Tomorrow I'm gonna try to have some friends over... but you never know...

Here Kasey, I told you I'd mention you in this post

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Well this is just a fucking golden shit we have right here, huh?

Ok yesterday I was sick... Throwing up my guts as it were... not a fun experience. However I got better around 4:00, or at least realized I was feeling like I could stand around then. I actually went to skyline though and didn't upchuck it :) Then I went to church and read a good chunk of the DaVinci Code while skipping the teen service because... well... I hate my youth group... intensely. As I was reading I thought to myself, Wow, this is kind of blasphemous to be reading in church. However once I realized I didn't care... you know, about half a second after the thought... I continued to read and found myself finding more and more reason to dislike religion... but whatever the point is its a good book.

My dad took me and Laura up to Monroe after church around 9:00 and got us all some food... gots me some Spicy Wendy's nuggets and a cookie dough frosty :) Ended up getting into a fight during that trip but after realizing my mistakes I tried to apologize as much as I could and I think it worked fine.

That was yesterday.

This is today

Band was fun. Legos Galore! I built the Texas sodomy of the future!!! (a hanged man with internet access). And then I read the DaVinci Code in English while discussing something that I've forgotten by now. So overall school was pretty awesome. Then I hung out with Cassie, Jordan, Lawson, Nicki, Tyler, and Brooke at Skyline and had the largest small 3-way I've seen in my whole life... which made Jacob's regular 3-way the size of a small child. Oh we had such fun with Charlie the Unicorn and me finding something so funny that... well... I was trying to eat a mouthful of chili when it was said... Ever had pop spray through your nose when you're laughing too hard to control it? Yeah... Bad.

Went to The Library and a few bookstores. Cassie bought a book she really wanted and I laughed my ass off at Jon Stewart's "Naked Pictures of Famous People" which coincidentally was just a title to sell the book. However they had a Larry King/Hitler mock interview in it that was funny. Then I came home was was bored for a few hours. Then I went to drumline and helped Butter learn the drill that I had to learn FOR HIM >:( But hey whatever I wasn't really doing anything with the Guitar anyway so I'm over it. Then I got some disturbing news that pissed me off... like alot... and I won't divulge the information over a blog but feel free to ask me.

So yeah I'm ending the day in a bad mood which is never good but whatever I can handle it.

Oh by the way if you think that I hate you... you're probably wrong. The people I hate generally don't have any clue that I hate them mostly because they either hate me and don't pay attention to me or are clueless idiots who probably would think its funny that I hate them or just wouldn't care. Or they are terrible awful people I've seen in the news who I doubt they know who I am.

They say love is patient and kind, so does that mean hate can be swift and brutal? Because although that might get me in trouble it sounds great.