Friday, February 12, 2010

Skin the cat in a neutral chair!

I haven't really had much to write about in this blog lately (actually I've been too lazy to actually update it) So lets recap how this weeks been.

Monday: Band Practice for the first time in two weeks :)
Tuesday: Didn't sleep a wink due to insomnia but had a generally fun day. Had a totally worthless band meeting with my new band, then went to Frisches with Cassie, Tyler, and Brooke which was fun until we ended up driving in the Blizzard... the roads were fucked up as hell.
Wednsday: Another band practice, and fun times driving to and being at Sam Ash with the band :)
Thursday: Boring day overall but I enjoyed drumline as I usually do.
Friday: Started out slow but had the first real band practice with my new band today, it didn't accomplish much but me, Josh, Sara, and Butter had fun chillin afterwards, and ended up watching Oliver and playing DBZ Budokai 3 which neither I expected to do anytime soon but hey, shit happens and both were fun lol... DragonBall Z is just too terribly awesome to fit into the general category of anime being awful.

What to look forward to?

Saturday: Hopefully hanging with Cassie part of the day, otherwise I have no idea
Sunday: I forget I think I might have had something planned
Monday: Plans to visit OU got cancelled... I'm pissed

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