Wednesday, February 3, 2010

We doin' big pimpin up in NYC

I have rediscovered my love for Linkin Park and Green Day! And it only took 3 years of neglecting them on my iPod/various Mp3 playing phones. Old Green Day as well as New Green Day. Stuff like Nice Guys Finish Last, Jesus of Suburbia, Homecoming, Longview, Basket Case, Haha You're Dead, East Jesus Nowhere, etc.. from Green Day and then Numb, In the End, Lying From You, Faint, and the Jay-Z remixes from Linkin Park have been all i've listened to all day!

I wrote that the other day, still highly agree... Morp got cancelled, damnit! But now we're all going to applebees in our morp attire so that should be somewhat ridiculously fun. And apparently drumline is cancelled tomorrow so I'm gonna see if anyone can hang out tomorrow... I guess you'll have to be willing to drive in that shit.

Oh yeah, I started a new band :) No name yet, and its a complete side project to precipice but this is for covering songs that we can't do in precipice for whatever reason (doesn't fit our style, or Jordan is just completely against the idea).

I'm gonna try to rewrite the Book of Jimmy for the C.R.U.D but facebook hates me so we'll see what I can do

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