Friday, January 22, 2010

Vault & Pretzels

No, fuck you, you can't have any!!! THEY'RE MINE

Yeah but anyway where did I leave off? I think I posted yesterday so what happened today? Well we had an AP Euro exam that was EASY AS HELL. Thanks flick for the easy points :) Maybe it'll help me keep a C in that class with all those missing assignments at the end I just didn't bother with. Eng Design actually had WORK!!! OMG!!!

Then they were FORTY... 40... FUCKING FORTY!!!! minutes late picking us up from colerain... I'm gonna see if I can drop Eng Design since its worthless to me anyway.

However I did finish the Da Vinci Code today... Cassie gave me a new book to start on -.-. and I watched Angles and Demons and The Da Vinci Code movies. I now understand why Cassie complains about them so much, holy hell that was awful.

I hung out with Cassie the majority of the day today after I found out my dad was going into work and I couldn't have friends over. She kept being worried that I was mad about her sleeping during Angels and Demons, I'm not mad its no big deal lol. But yeah I went to lunch with her and got a Baked Potato with Bacon and Chedder Jack cheese on it which sounds instantly orgasmic except it was the size of Tyler's head! I finished it but felt kind of crappy afterwards. Then I ended up staying for dinner. Her mom made some really good chicken, and the corn wasn't bad either :)

Tomorrow I'm gonna try to have some friends over... but you never know...

Here Kasey, I told you I'd mention you in this post

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