Thursday, January 21, 2010

Well this is just a fucking golden shit we have right here, huh?

Ok yesterday I was sick... Throwing up my guts as it were... not a fun experience. However I got better around 4:00, or at least realized I was feeling like I could stand around then. I actually went to skyline though and didn't upchuck it :) Then I went to church and read a good chunk of the DaVinci Code while skipping the teen service because... well... I hate my youth group... intensely. As I was reading I thought to myself, Wow, this is kind of blasphemous to be reading in church. However once I realized I didn't care... you know, about half a second after the thought... I continued to read and found myself finding more and more reason to dislike religion... but whatever the point is its a good book.

My dad took me and Laura up to Monroe after church around 9:00 and got us all some food... gots me some Spicy Wendy's nuggets and a cookie dough frosty :) Ended up getting into a fight during that trip but after realizing my mistakes I tried to apologize as much as I could and I think it worked fine.

That was yesterday.

This is today

Band was fun. Legos Galore! I built the Texas sodomy of the future!!! (a hanged man with internet access). And then I read the DaVinci Code in English while discussing something that I've forgotten by now. So overall school was pretty awesome. Then I hung out with Cassie, Jordan, Lawson, Nicki, Tyler, and Brooke at Skyline and had the largest small 3-way I've seen in my whole life... which made Jacob's regular 3-way the size of a small child. Oh we had such fun with Charlie the Unicorn and me finding something so funny that... well... I was trying to eat a mouthful of chili when it was said... Ever had pop spray through your nose when you're laughing too hard to control it? Yeah... Bad.

Went to The Library and a few bookstores. Cassie bought a book she really wanted and I laughed my ass off at Jon Stewart's "Naked Pictures of Famous People" which coincidentally was just a title to sell the book. However they had a Larry King/Hitler mock interview in it that was funny. Then I came home was was bored for a few hours. Then I went to drumline and helped Butter learn the drill that I had to learn FOR HIM >:( But hey whatever I wasn't really doing anything with the Guitar anyway so I'm over it. Then I got some disturbing news that pissed me off... like alot... and I won't divulge the information over a blog but feel free to ask me.

So yeah I'm ending the day in a bad mood which is never good but whatever I can handle it.

Oh by the way if you think that I hate you... you're probably wrong. The people I hate generally don't have any clue that I hate them mostly because they either hate me and don't pay attention to me or are clueless idiots who probably would think its funny that I hate them or just wouldn't care. Or they are terrible awful people I've seen in the news who I doubt they know who I am.

They say love is patient and kind, so does that mean hate can be swift and brutal? Because although that might get me in trouble it sounds great.

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