Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Noone ever said mondays would be good

First off I'd like to say that Mountain Dew throwback shit is nowhere near as good as the stuff they have now... like a fine wine and unlike most good bands it has gotten better with age. However Green Apple Jones Soda is the shiz :)

Band practice is worthless without Peanut Butter... straight up. WE NEED OUR DRUMMA. So basically we jammed for 2 and a half hours while I brang up a wikipedia page about Nuclear Fission and Quantum Physics and "sang" the words.

Drumline sucked for everyone involved. We had a couple of... "colorful characters" helping us out with making a drill... oh yeah and with Butter being sick instead of playing guitar I had to march for six hours... god damn at least I didn't have to actually carry a drum that would have been so much worse but GOD DAMNIT BUTTER IMMA KILL YOU. I suppose it was productive though which without music wouldn't have been true otherwise. But I had the worst fucking migraine for 4 out of those 6 hours and that continued until I got home and took like 4 ibuprofen...

Today turned out to be fairly good though. In band I got to chapter (AHHH) 23 in the DaVinci Code which is actually turning out to be a really good book ... yes I just said that about a book... shoot me. English was pointless since I'm basically done with Lord of the Flies... and AP Euro was simulation day and I ended up skipping Colerain which would have worked fine due to testing if the person I had asked HAD FUCKING TOLD MRS. EVERS I WASN'T GOING TODAY... ugh and I'm probably gonna get bitched at about it tomorrow oh well I don't care. I went and hung out with the Music Theory class and had a Jolly good time... and Artie's banner for the band is AMAZING. and to top all that off my dad, the music major, listened to our songs and said whatever Jordan was doing sounded musically really good which is AWESOME to hear :D

Words of wisdom are nice when they come from a wise mouth, otherwise they're just funny

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