Friday, January 15, 2010

This is my first post

yeah. So.. umm.. I got this far... what to write about?


Here is a story about communists... ok wait no I'm bored. I give up. This post fails so hard its not even funny.


Nope... lost it.

So how bout them Bengals? Won the AFC North, swept it, made the playoffs when THE STEELERS DIDN'T. FUCK YOU PITTSBURGH AND ALL YOUR FANS.

I've been really into Rage Against the Machine, Avenged Sevenfold, and Disturbed lately... trivium too. Really good bands but Precipice is gonna top all of them.

Today was shitty... most of it anyway, I got bitched at by my mom all morning to the point where I was 6 minutes late getting out of my house and Jordan yelled at me for it. Can't really blame him though, its my fault most of the time and I should really try to do better about that. But yeah my whole morning was fucked up and then I get home to discover my mom went to the hospital so I can't even get mad at her now!!! Fortunately enough I got to see Cassie around 6:30 for dinner at LaRoses to around 9:30ish after we watched the most goddamn random movie ever, Youth in Revolt. It was funny enough though that I count it as good. I won't get to see her all weekend but seeing her today was fun and made the overall day not suck as a whole.

I'll probably try to hang out with my friends this weekend, wanna try to get a band meeting together at my house but who knows how my mom'll react to that, especially just after being in the Hospital.

Laughing at bad things happening to bad people always makes the day a little more fun.

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