Friday, January 15, 2010

Metallica Analyzation


A list of every single song made by metallica and my impressions of them... I have never done anything quite like this... and especially not to this magnitude... and I highly doubt anyone aside from a few people who looks at this will be interested in what I have to say, but it kills time anyway. I'm only doing their nine studio albums right now... might add Garage Inc, Garage Days, Live Shit: Binge & Purge, S&M, and songs not on an album later...

Kill ‘em All:

1. Hit the Lights

For the first song they ever recorded its pretty damn good... This song is powerful and makes me want to bang my fucking head, air guitar, and jump around. I love this song, my personal favorite on this album.... I give this song an A :)

2. The Four Horsemen

This is a good song too, but it could have been put together better... the guitar and drums aren't quite as in sync as they could be. Lyrics are epic and for being very Corey Taylor esque in his singing James does a good job in singing. Good song but has room for improvement. This song gets a B-

3. Motorbreath

Doesn't sound like alot of effort was put into this song, has a few good guitar fillers... but Lars and Hetfield's vocals are generally... annoying to say the least. I love kirk's riff after James says take your breath away... the guitar solo is alright. This song gets a C+

4. Jump in the Fire

The intro is kick ASS, but what it goes into doesn't really fit the intro. That mini guitar solo was unneeded... and I can hardly understand the vocals until the chorus which is kind of bland. This song gets a C-

5. (Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth

My 3rd favorite Metallica instrumental... this is the song you can truly appreciate the GENIUS of Cliff Burton. I have very little bad to say about this song other than that its a little choppy... but overall I love it. This song gets an A- :)

6. Whiplash

I don't care what Jordan says... this is a good song. Its not as good as hit the lights but it is well strung together, has a fun and recognizable riff, says their name in the song, and ends the chorus with a fantastic stinger that almost makes you feel the... WHIPLASH! And I just about had an orgasm when he said HERE WE GO! right into that guitar solo. This song gets an B+ only because it ends really badly

7. Phantom Lord

This song starts out really nice, reminds me of For Whom the Bell Tolls in a weird way (just like the first five seconds). Although once it gets going it kind of drops off. I like whatever effect James is doing to his voice although I can't understand a word he's saying. This song gets a B-

8. No Remorse

This song has a failure intro... and the guitar solo being right after the intro... yeah... not a big fan of that... its a good solo, very good actually, just misplaced. I like when you hear just Kirk though, feels good, although they come back in at odd times. The vocals kind of remind me of another song but the chorus is really good and the part where you hear JUST JAMES is AMAZING. This song sounds like it should be faster honestly... like it WAS faster and they slowed it down so they could keep up... I like it, it gets a B

9. Seek & Destroy

I love the intro of this song, but I'm not a big fan of anything else in this song. The way it gets out of the intro... ugh... I don't like it. Its too slow for the drive of this song... that little "alright" was unnecessary but I guess it fits... and I do the same thing :) I don't like the way he sings in this song... the lyrics themselves are alright but overall James does a crappy job in this song. It almost sounds like a Megadeth song to be honest :( This song gets a D (probably the lowest grade I will give a Metallica song until St. Anger... but we'll just see)

10. Metal Militia

This song starts out lame but oh my god when he says "Through the mist and the madness, trying to get the message to you" I just about go insane. Thats a fucking metal rush right there >:) Although the verses are really lame and badly sung... BUT THAT FUCKING CHORUS COMES RIGHT BACK!!! Oh my :) This song mostly is medicore but that chorus gets the song a B :)

This album overall gets a: B

Ride the lightning:

1. Fight Fire with Fire

I hate the intro.... just plain hate it. Then it goes into a really annoying guitar thing that doesn't fit at all... ugh... it sucks in the beginning. James's vocals shouldn't sound good but compared to the rest of what is going on its like music to my ears... which I guess technically it is music... but this song generally is really bad for metallica standards. I don't like this song very much at all... It reminds me of Seek and Destroy. The guitar solo doesn't fit either... bad song. I give it a D+ just because parts of it sounds... somewhat listenable.

2. Ride the Lightning

This song is about where it should be on this album... not a single but still remembered. It is a welcome change to Fight fire with Fire.... which sucked. Now parts of the vocals could have been done better... like when he just does a dull note hold... kind of fails... but the verses are awesome. The solo is pretty good too. This song gets a B-

3. For Whom the Bell Tolls

Metallica's first work of genius. Everything about this song is amazing, it doesn't even need a complicated solo to be amazing. Its simple yet elegant, and the lyrics are in small numbers but just have a power to it that is rivaled by no other. My band is covering this song partly because its fairly easy to play but also because its just a work of metal masterpiece. "Make his fight on the hill in the early day" It gets me every time... oh my god the vocals and guitar work are just AMAZING. The chorus leves just a little to be desired... but it doesn't even phase the grade that I'm giving this song, A+

4. Fade to Black

Metallica's first softer song. The vocals come in right when they need to... its a good song to help you get through tough shit. Its beautiful generally... parts of the verse are sung kind of badly, but over all this song is really good. The instrumentals in this song are mind blowing. This song gets an A

5. Trapped Under Ice

This song is pretty much their fastest and heaviest song on this album. I really like alot of it... although the intro leaves alot to be desired. That solo right at the beginning it amazing though :) Vocals are pretty good. Chorus is kind of different but I generally like it. CRY OUT!!! Yes, good song... B

6. Escape

The harmonies in this chorus... this is probably my third favorite song on Ride the Lightning. The only thing I can really knock against it is during the verse the guitar isn't really doing much. That creepy voice thing is a little weird but the solo eqsque thing where its just Kirk. Yum yum.... B+

7. Creeping Death

The lyrics of this song are amazing!!! Like written by Chrigel Glanzmann or Bruce Dickinson... but other than that nothing about this song is THAT great about it. I really don't like the chorus. I DO really like the verses, so it gets points for that. But the transitions are really bad. This song gets a B-

8. The Call of Ktulu

Don't get me wrong, all of Metallica's instrumentals are really good... but this is my least favorite of them all. It has a good intro but its just not as powerful as S&R or as genius as Pulling Teeth or as Masterful as Orion or as heavy as To live is to Die. It really does give me the thought of being on a ship at sea in the middle of a storm though, it almost tells a story by itself without having words... but there is just something about it that isn't as good as the rest of their instrumentals... leaves something to be desired that I just can't put my finger on. This song gets a B

This Album overall gets an: A-

Master of Puppets:

1. Battery

This is an amazing song to have as an intro... I mean this album in general is just one big masterpiece and to begin with battery was a good move. Especially with that intro... as just a song I'm not a huge fan of the intro but I still like it. The vocals don't always fit with the drum beat but its not too big of a deal. The lyrics of this song are fantastic... genius even. This song gets an A-

2. Master of Puppets

This... this is one of Metallica's greatest songs... ever. Like flat out is not rivaled by... just about anything else. Its like a journey. Like a story. Like... I don't know... but it is right on par with One and For Whom the Bell Tolls... this song gets an A+

3. The Thing That Should Not Be

The thing that should not be... the first time I heard this title... I was overwhelmed at the mystery and general amazingness of it... and then I heard the song... Fear this wretch? Yes... this song goes along with the theme of Puppets... (the album)... And when he just shouts out immortal... in madness you dwell... I get chills... still. This song just reminds me of why this album is so good... I love it. This song gets an A

4. Welcome Home (Sanitarium)

Out of everything on Master of Puppets... this is my least favorite song... don't get me wrong... it has a beautiful intro and goes into an amazing verse... its just parts of when he sings he does that one flaw of old James Hetfields where he is trying to go low but he doesn't change octave and it sounds kind of bad... and it happens alot in this song. I would still take this song over many many many many others I listen to... its gets inside of you. This song gets a B+

5. Disposable Heroes

Holy Crap!!! (that was my reaction when I heard this intro). It goes into a driving feel to it afterwords and it just adds to the orgasm that is master of puppets. The verses are amazingly powerful and when he just shouts BACK IN THE FRONT!!! Its just... overwhelming. Soldier boy... made of clay... now an empty shell... the melody and harmony in this song's chorus are... amazing... I've seen the face of metal in this song. It gets an A

6. Leper Messiah

This is one of the most underrated and under appreciated songs in Metallica's history. Its heavy, its powerful, and its just something that makes you want to ferociously bang your head. BOW TO LEPER MESSIAH! I love it when he says that :) This song gets an A- because parts of it are choppy.

7. Orion

Orion is by far my favorite Metallica instrumental... its a masterpiece in and of itself. Comes in just a cool bass and bass pedal... then the guitar comes in, you get ready for what is about to just completely blow you away... and you're still waiting for a little while, and then Kirk comes in with that unforgettable riff. And just when it gets to the point where if it goes any farther its too repetative... it goes right back to the heavy rhythm. The acoustic part is amazing as well... and then the electric comes in whailing... and its just so good... A+

8. Damage, Inc.

The one song on Master of Puppets that curses excessively. This song has got BALLS. I don't really like the intro that much but after that it just becomes one of the single greatest songs in Metallica history... the heavy, in your face attitude... the FUCK IT ALL FUCKING NO REGRETS...aside from their masterpieces of course this could be considered one of Metallica's best. This song gets an A

This album overall gets an: A+

...And Justice for all:

1. Blackened

The idea to use a backwards guitar riff for this song... well it was a nice idea... but it sounds AMAZING. Of course after that ends it gets kind of... bad.. stung together... out of tempo... although it gets much better in the chorus. And the second verse actually sounds better than the first honestly. James sings... fairly badly in this song... there is a lot good about this song and alot bad... so overall I give it a C

2. …And Justice for All

The intro is pretty good, soft and acoustic... although it goes intro heaviness a little too... early... and abruptly. But after that this song gets so intense and fantastic that I can't even bring words to describe it. That rhythm is so powerful the way that it just cuts so cleanly... dear god I love this song... you know... after the intro. I'm not a huge fan of the chorus but its still pretty good. This song gets an A-

3. Eye of the Beholder

This used to be my favorite song by Metallica... the intro comes in like the opposite of a lot of songs where they fade out with a continuous rhythm... well this fades in with a continuous rhythm and it sounds awesome. The guitar after that is freaking amazing too :) The verses are.... well... vocally not so great... but the chorus is amazing. Lars does a fantastic Job in this song as well :) This song gets a B+

4. One

This... this is the song. The greatest hoorah, the magnum opus, the song to end all songs. The greatest masterpiece in metal history. This is one, the name doesn't exactly fit the song but it is the one song you will ever need out of any other song ever. And wait... WTF... JAMES CAN SING?! Holy.... the intro sounds like it should end earlier but it doesn't and it actually sounds better. And James singing over that continuous genius and somewhat simple rhythm.... then it gets heavy... then soft... then heavy... then soft... then heavy... then REALLY heavy. And the final verses... just so much power... so much juice... so much energy... I can't give any song higher than an A+... so thats what it gets... but it deserves more.

5. The Shortest Straw

This song is my personal least favorite on this album... not that its not any good... because the verses are amazing... but the rest of it is kind of bland and slopped together... I don't really like the chorus per say and the intro kind of sucks. Lars can't keep a beat... which is usually just his live stuff that that happens in... but sure enough. This song gets a C-

6. Harvester of Sorrow

My personal third favorite song on AJFA. I thought it was an instrumental for the longest time, lol, it was the last original Metallica song I ever heard... by that I mean it was the last one I looked up because I never thought it was anything to get excited about. But I heard it at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for the first time and the intro was just...fantastic... and the guitar afterwards... together with the drums and bass... oh my... orgasmic. Head banging shit right here. The verses are AMAZING x20. The only thing that keeps this song from getting an A+ or even an A is that the chorus kind of reminds me of the Shortest Straw... but they are still better. This song gets an A-

7. The Frayed Ends of Sanity

The "Oh eey oh" thing is kind of funny but it's not something I like in a serious song... kind of annoying really.. I really like the verses and chorus though :) The mid song buildup is... a little strange and repetative but overall this is a really good song. B+

8. To Live Is to Die

My second least favorite Metallica instrumental... not because it's not any good.. remember, Call of Ktulu is my least favorite and yet I still love it :) This song does have alot of umph to it though, I really like alot of this song... but can it be considered an instrumental when it has vocals? I really don't know... this song gets a B+

9. Dyers Eve

This song has a personal soft spot in my heart as it was the story of my life for 15 long years... dear mother, dear father, what is this hell you have put me through? Yeah... luckly for me I broke out of that shell and started hanging out with friends ALOT more often and whatnot. This song is fast and has power, everything I like in a song. Parts of it sound off beat or out of place but over all this song deserves an A-

This album overall gets an: A

Metallica (The Black Album):

1. Enter Sandman

This song is not only a massive sell out song but a majorly overrated song. People act like its Metallica's best song when honestly they probably haven't heard most of their other stuff... it might be their most popular but its fairly mediocre. Its slow and heavy... but not in a good way. It doesn't mix right... This song gets a C+... its average, and I kind of like it, its just not as good as everyone keeps saying

2. Sad but True

This is one of my favorites on this album... its heavy and its fairly powerful, Jame's voice goes well with the rhythm and beat, there is just alot of lack in this song. It lacks an amazing riff, it lacks as much power as it probably could have had.. I'll give it a B

3. Holier Than Thou

I love the message of this song, the intro, and the first verse. Although message doesn't mean much to me when I'm rating it musically, and throughout most of this song its kind of bland. It starts good but falls off fairly quickly. It gets a B-

4. The Unforgiven

This song is simply AMAZING. In an album full of sell out songs this single track managed to remind me of good old Metallica. You can really feel his pain in this song, especially in the first verse. Throughout the whole song it really captures my awe... only... it ends... kind of repetatively... and kind of annoyingly... which is why it is not on par with the likes of "One", "Master of Puppets", and "For Whom the Bell Tolls"... it still gets an A

5. Wherever I May Roam

One of my least favorite on this album. I hate the intro... just hate it. Its not metal in any way. It... starts to get better... and the chorus is pretty good... but I really don't know what kirk was thinking in this song. The whispering in the beginning is kind of cool, and then he yells and Lars makes it halfway worth listening to. For a while the verse is good but then it just... gets dumb. I like them naming off random things to call a drifter, but after that its annoying until they day "Wherever I may roam". This song gets a C-

6. Don't Tread on Me

The intro to this song... again... sucks. I agree with James Hetfield... this is a crappy song. Its not St. Anger Crappy but its generally shit. When he firsts says Don't tread on me... yeah... it sounds really stupid... the verse is alright but the chorus SUCKS. Its the same thing over and over again... oh and then he says "Oh, no no no" like he's in church singing gospels or something... ugh... this song gets a C-

7. Through the Never

Through the never is a song that is good in small doses... it was made to be radio friendly, and it shows... alot. I am a big fan of that intro... it sounds like its going to be old metallica again.. and for a while you start thinking they've come back... but then you are rudely disapointed by the chorus... ugh... newmetallifail. It is good in some spots so I'll give it a B-

8. Nothing Else Matters

I plain hate this song. Its not Metal... its barely even hard rock. Its whiny and dorky... He sings like he's got something stuck in his throat and it sounds like he thinks he's putting passion in to it when it just sounds like he's high... the guitar is annoying... ugh... I don't like it one bit... It gets a D- (yes... I lied about Seek & Destroy... but I don't feel like changing it now)

9. Of Wolf and Man

My Second favorite on this album... the S&M version gets an A+... but the studio version of this is what counts. Its good and heavy, somewhat fast... but not too much. I really like their use of double bass in this song. It just doesn't sound as good without a symphony behind it... Plus with this album having James being in between AJFA singing and Load singing... it doesn't sound quite as good. Parts of it sound forced too... but overall I give it a B+ :)

10. The God That Failed

This song has a terrible intro. Terrible intro for the guitars as well... terrible intro for the vocals... I kind of like the rhythm but this song generally feels like a really dark nursery rhyme... reminds me of Wherever I may roam but I think I actually like wherever I may roam better than this song... And for the record this song isn't about athiesm... its about his mom dying of cancer and her refusing to see a doctor, trusting God to heal her... Yeah... D+

11. My Friend of Misery

I like this intro, I really like it. I like Jame's first verse too, it reminds me of the unforgiven, its a good song in the beginning... although the verse gets really bad for some reason... I don't know why they messed with the style they had going... and the chorus is kind of annoying too... like right in the middle its alright but most of it sucks. This song has alot of good and alot of bad... so I'm just going to give it a flat out C

12. The Struggle Within

Quite possibly the worst heavy song on this album. Its better than Nothing else matters. But the intro sucks... the verses suck... the... well... just about everything about it sucks.... The chorus is decent enough... but the right after its over it goes into a forced guitar and drum... they don't fit... and they're trying to make it fit. Generally a crappy song with a good chorus. D+

This album overall gets a: C+


1. Ain't My Bitch

The intro of this song is weird sounding... not bad... just doesn't seem to fit in spots... but it definitely fits well with the song. I love the first verse... simply love it... it hits you like a bitch slap from Metallica (lolsongreference). I don't like where they slow down... and the chorus is mediocre at best... But I really like these verses. This song gets a C+

2. 2 x 4

This song is catchy as hell... probably my second favorite on this album. It reminds me of kind of an Aerosmith style... but it also kind of sounds thrash-y... so its like Hard Rock Metal or something... idk... but generally this is a really good song about beating someone upside the head with wood. It gets a A-

3. The House Jack Built

This song is kind of weird in places... I wouldn't say I don't like most of it... it is just... different. Strange to listen to... the verse are mainly what I'm talking about... The chorus however is simply amazing... I'm a big fan of harmonies and melodies and the chorus on this song delivers. Although I hate that solo... it plain sucks and doesn't need that guitar effect -.- This song gets a B-

4. Until It Sleeps

The intro is really crappy... if you can even call that an intro... The guitar effect sucks... James has terrible lyrics... but I guess he sings them well... I do like the harmonies used in this song.. but I hate the end of the verse. The chorus is about the same as everything else... terrible lyric writing but sings it well... this song gets a C-

5. King Nothing

This song has its up and down spots... The intro is kind of weird but when he starts singing it gets alot better. I don't like the transition to the chorus but I really like the chorus. Unfortunately the final verse makes the chorus sound less powerful and kind of bad... so it doesn't end well... but overall this is a decent song... gets a B

6. Hero of the Day

This is a really good song for something thats hardly ever heavy. Amazing intro... James isn't exactly singing well at the beginning but he gets better... The heavy part is pretty good... why do I have the feeling that this song was inspired by Turn the Page by Bob Seger? Has the same kind of feel to it... OOOOO It ends really nicely :) B+ overall

7. Bleeding Me

This intro is 100% terrible... and... it never stops... the effect of the guitar is terrible... then he starts singing along... badly... the heavy part is respectable enough but he is still singing like shit... The chorus is alright though, the one part of this song that saves it from being St Anger terrible. This song gets a D

8. Cure

Weird ass intro... but I guess it works... and James is really creepy but in a way its kind of cool. I'm not sure how I feel about the double voice thing... I guess I like it because of the harmonies. The overall feel of this song throughout the verses is really abstract but at the same time really cool... I think this is tied with 2x4 as my second favorite song... and that fucking chorus is awesome :) A-

9. Poor Twisted Me

Umm... are they warming up or playing an intro? I can't tell... seems to get better but they are kind of still doing it... Wait... no... its back to being weird and mediocre again... Ewww... was that James singing? It sounds like he's got diarrhea. Its starts to get better though but that original weird thing keeps coming back... ugh... I don't like this song very much... Yeah... its basically going to do this all song... I guess once you get used to it parts of it are... listenable... idk... it gets a D

10. Wasting My Hate

At first you can't tell that its James singing... the intro sucks donkey ass... but the song gets really good after that... the guitar work is amazing... although the singing... is weird... and the lyric writing is terrible... he doesn't change the note he uses very much... I don't really like it... but that chorus is really good :) This song gets a C

11. Mama Said

This song sounds like a country song... straight up. Although honestly its not half bad for a country song. James sings pretty well. The harmonies they use in the freaking chorus are amazing... this song gets to you :( You Jordan Links of the world probably would hate it because... it really does sound straight up country... and the video only proves that... I'm giving it a C but maybe it deserves more than that

12. Thorn Within

Love this intro :) This was like the first Load/ReLoad song I heard and it got me into newtallica. I generally like the guitar work... and the chorus is AMAZING. The verses are alright but the harmonies in the verse earn this song a B+

13. Ronnie

This is the single greatest song on this album :) I love that intro... it sounds kind of irish and kind of roughneck. He starts out telling his story about Ronnie and goes into singing about this twisted kid. And that chorus just fucking kills me how great it is... BLOOD STAIN THE SUN RED TODAY!!! Yes, I love this song. When he pulled that gun from his pocket, and they all fell DOWN DOWN DOWN DOWN DOWN!!! This song gets an A

14. The Outlaw Torn

This song is better on S&M I must admit but the intro is still good without the symphony behind it. I really like the guitar and drum blend on this intro. Although for a little while nothing is going on... and when he starts singing its a little weird because of the dumb effect. This chorus is simply amazing though... its haunting almost the way he just yells that he's howling it to nothingness... B+

This album overall gets a: B


1. Fuel

God I love it when he says that at the beginning... this song has so much energy and so much power. All about a speed junkie which kind of hits home :) Oooooh on I burn, YES!!!! This is probably the single greatest song on the Load/ReLoad anything. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this song and it gets even better in S&M. This is the perfect song to listen to when driving... when I get a motorcycle some day I'm blasting this down the highway. A+

2. The Memory Remains

This song starts out cool but when the other instruments come in it feels like it should have been faster... and the rest of the song is mediocre at best...I do like when he yells a faded prima dona... but... most of this song is mediocre... but what makes it worse than mediocre is when that old lady is singing or whatever the fuck that is.... D+

3. Devil's Dance

This song is really cool, like a fucking badass's theme song. This is the kind of shit you hear in the opening sequence of an action movie, its badass, its smooth, and its catchy. James does an amazing job adding to it's intensity in the way he sings... no, its not what you would expect out of Metallica... but its new and edgy... I like it, I think it sounds better in S&M though... it gets an A

4. The Unforgiven II

The worst of the unforgiven series to date... its not that bad but I and III are so freaking amazing.. this song just sounds like they recycled Unforgiven I and actually messed it up... I like when he says Are you unforgiven too? Lol, thats clever... there is no We unforgiven three in the Unforgiven III but this song makes it happen :) unfortunatly its really not as good as the other two... gets a B-

5. Better than You

Wtf is that intro about? It sounds like its going to be some weird as industrial rock... once this creepy intro is over the song gets a little better... but I'm not really a big fan of the verses... the chorus doesn't really fit with the rest of the song... which isn't very good to begin with.. The first time I heard this song I could have sworn it was on the black album but I guess its not... it gets a C-

6. Slither

This song is creepy... but in a good way... like it gives you chills but its still cool to listen to. It reminds me of Devil's Dance in a way... but not quite as good as that... its got that whole intro to an action movie feel to it but its not quite as badass and powerful. I really like the harmonies in the chorus but I'm not a big fan of the voice effect... The end of the chorus gives me chills... No there ain't no heroes here... It gets a B

7. Carpe Diem Baby

This song has a good beat to it but kind of a generic guitar... really, really good lyric writing... and sung fairly well... although... again... the voice effects... and the Aye aye aye aye in the background... kind of annoying. Its better than average but just barely... eh... It deserves a B-

8. Bad Seed

This song sounds like it has alot of blues influence...although the stupid yeah yeah yeah James does in the beginning takes away from that... His verses are pretty good though. I like the ladies and gentlemen thing and then when he sings after that :) And its not a rip off because this song was made years before the thing by Saliva. I love the chorus of this song too. This song gets an A-

9. Where the Wild Things Are

This was supposed to be an instrumental... and I almost wish they would have left it that way... granted it would have been Metallica's worst instrumental, but the weird voice effects they use ruin any hope of vocals being a good addition. I like the post intro guitar work but the verses are fairly annoying... the chorus is actually cool and catchy but annoying at the same time... its weird... This song gets a C-

10. Prince Charming

This song is almost dorky... but its really not that bad... Its kind of bland and stock when they start out but when James comes in it gets dark but cool. I love how he names things off that are apparently him... again, dorky... but not so dorky that it hurts the song that much. The chorus is simply FANTASTIC. One of the best choruses Metallica has made... definitely top 15 at least. This song gets a B+

11. Low Man's Lyric

One of Metallica's deepest songs... he sings in such a low octive at first and it sounds awesome... and those bagpipes... I love bagpipes, its one of the many reasons I love Eluveitie so much. This is a good song to listen to when you are just mellow... its very irish influenced... another reason why I like it. It doesn't sound quite as good when he switches to a higher octave... but it doesn't really hurt too much... I just wish there was more low singing :( This song gets a B+

12. Attitude

The intro is the only thing I don't like about this song... after that its fast, its edgy, its powerful, its in your face, and its just tells the whole world FUCK YOU. Just let me kill you for a while... Just let me kill you once, I'm oh so bored to death.. parts of this song are weird and I don't care for much but most of it is really good... Throw all your bullets in the fire... AND RUN LIKE HELL!!! Yes, this song gets an A

13. Fixxxer

I hate this intro... it has nothing to do with the song... I think its just meant to annoy people like me... It almost makes me change the song on my iPod when it comes up on my iPod... but then I remember that the rest of the song is AMAZING. The vocals and the lyric writing are so amazingly powerful. Its the perfect mix between chill and heavy. This song gets to you.... and that chorus... Tell me can you heal what father's done? Or fix this hole in a mothers son? I love this song minus the intro... it gets a B just because that intro is so... so bad...

This album overall gets a: B+

St. Anger:

1. Frantic

Well... here it goes... This song is actually pretty well put together compared to others on this album. I do like the intro, its got an aggression to it that I haven't heard since AJFA. James is yelling more than he is singing... but the lyrics are really powerful in some spots and really stupid in other spots. The Fran-ticing is actually really clever though. I can't get past lars's snare though :( Hurts the song alot... Maybe if James wasn't just screaming the whole thing it wouldn't be quite as bad... Its about average... like amazingly aggressive but at the same time the way they make it aggressive is not always very appealing... so I'll give it a C

2. St. Anger

The song that got me into Metallica... I know... sad story, but I wised up eventually. Honestly though, the intro is pretty good and the transition to the verse is really good too. He sings it really well too... maybe the "Flush it out" could be done better though. And what the hell is "madly in anger with you"? Thats really crappy lyrics writing James... I really like the chorus though :D The chorus is fantastic... and this is a St. Anger song!!! Lol, damn... oh well.. This song gets a B-

3. Some Kind of Monster

I love this intro.... but the transition is some of the shittiest transitioning I've heard in... well... a long time... probably the worst transitioning out of any Metallica song... ever. The guitar work is really crappy... it doesn't fit with the song... Lars's snare is still raping my brain... Finally it gets into the verse but he waits too long to come in... and his singing is really gritty... and the guitar is where the yeah should be... god... this song is probably one of the worst on this album... This song gets an F+ just because the intro is good and the lyric writing is fantastic... but mostly this song is just an Ungodly Mess

Note: This song has been remastered and released onto the Metallica EP album entitled Some Kind of Monster... and it is actually really good... I'd probably rate it as a B or a B+ but it doesn't matter... this album's version is what matters

4. Dirty Window

GOD THAT SNARE IS KILLING ME!!!!! Its worse in this song than in any other song... but other than that its got really good guitar and really good singing... Its powerful and aggressive... BUT FUCK THAT SNARE!!! GAH!!!! Amazing chorus singing and guitaring... Really good lyric writing... This song would get an A were it not for the fact that the snare is really loud and permeating in this song... and when they yell "Ayeeeeee"... it gets a C+

5. Invisible Kid

You can still hear that damned snare in this song but its not as bad as the last song... The guitar work is nice and heavy... but fast too.. Oooooo James that verse is awesome... and you're using harmonies again!!! Yay!!! WTF... did he just rhyme inside with inside? Yeah... thats points off... although he's singing really well in this part. This is actually a really cool song... probably best or second best on this album... If it wasn't for the snare it would do better but this gets a B+

6. My World

The intro really features Lars's snare though :( It needs some work just like every other song off of this album... especially when he comes in... The double vocals definitely needs to be synced up A LOT more. But that chorus is amazing... Its my world, you can't have it! It's almost like a little kid but it works! The verse sounds a little better the second time around.... although the double vocals are dumb still... This song gets a C-

7. Shoot Me Again

The intro to this song is really messed up... but wait... I'm not hearing the Iron Snare... WHERE DID IT GO?! I'm not complaining... I'm excited!!! Wait... ok... it does come back... but its still less obvious in this song... unfortunately most of it sounds like a mess that was attempted to be made pretty sounding... James sounds like a duck in the chorus... hmm... I don't really like this song that much... what a waste of not using the Iron Snare :( This song gets an F

8. Sweet Amber

Lol, this song is about a radio company that was a dick to them :P But honestly it sounds really good in some places.... The chorus is a little bit of a mess... but that snare is just barely resonating... if it weren't for the chorus this song would be one of the best on this album. It gets a C+

9. The Unnamed Feeling

The intro is weird... but it gets catchier and catchier as it goes on... I don't know what James is singing at first... but I like it :) The verses are good too, its about as ballad-esque as this album gets. He is really singing and it reminds me of The Unforgiven... not quite as good... but better than II. The chorus is simply haunting too... I really like it... possibly the best song on this album... and hardly ANY Iron Snare :D :D :D... A-

10. Purify

Oh wow... the intro is shit... the snare is pounding again... its messy... fucking lazy... and the audio quality is worse than any other song... The verses are crappily put together... OH MY GOD IS THAT A DYING CAT?!!?! This chorus is the single worst thing I've EVER heard. He's just rambling at this point... NO STOP... please mommy... :( If they want u s to feel their pain... yeah... its here... terrible lyrics... terrible vocals... terrible drums... and terrible guitar... this song is Metallica's worst... plain and simple... F-

11. All Within My Hands

I have mixed feelings about this song... The snare is still prevelant and the intro sucks balls... the guitar work later is alright... and when he starts singing the verse... it doesn't fit in parts... but sometimes it... almost works... its catchy but in this case thats not good... OUCH mother... that chorus hurts to listen to... it makes me cringe... ugh... this is purely shit... terrible, terrible song... its a mess... It gets an F

This album overall gets a: D+

Death Magnetic:

1. That Was Just Your Life

This song has a great intro... and the transition is amazing :D From heavy and slow to fucking blow your head off fast!!! And those lyrics are just amazing, how does he come up with this? Definitely a good first impression for the album that was meant to "save" Metallica's image. Oh my god that chorus is amazing... and he almost says the title but it doesn't and it makes me happy. And the end where he just says the title is HAUNTING!!! This song is AMAMAMAMAMAZING. Its just a little repetitive... gets an A

2. The End of the Line

Yet another good intro, goes with the whole feel of the song without having the same tempo. And that was a nice key change right in the transition. Really amazing riff right in the post-intro. And the verses are amazing vocally AND guitar wise. That little bit he does in between James's singing it cool :). This song is amazingly catchy too... that solo though.. I don't know about Lars's drumming... it doesn't fit right... Gets an A-

3. Broken, Beat & Scarred

I don't like the intro of this one... the drums don't fit the rhythm... Lollarsulrichcan'tkeeprhythmlikepeanutbutter. But I like the verse :) Although it sounds like he's yelling more than singing, not that big of a deal just weird. The chorus could use some work too but its catchy :D It gets a B+

4. The Day That Never Comes

The intro to this song is so beautiful, and the heavy part compliments it well. That little scale almost doesn't work but they pull it off. He's singing really well in the verse with that constant amazing behind him... it really reminds me with one... the only major problem with this song is when he repeats "this I swear"... year... that part needs to be revisited... but other than that I love it! It gets an A-

5. All Nightmare Long

Amazing intro... amazing transition... haunting pre-verse... hauntingly amazing verse. Everything leading up to the chorus is so amazing that when the chorus is merely just regularly fantastic it almost makes it seem lacking... it doesn't but it seems that way because they start out so ungodly amazingly. I just... don't like that one part where he's like "Hallucination, heresy, still you run, whats to come, whats to be" Its not bad its just not that great... which is why this song only gets an A.

6. Cyanide

This song is so overplayed on the radio, like massively, so it all sounds stale and stock to me... but I'm going to be as fair as possible. This song sounds like the way Metallica did back in the RTL days... other than James's voice of course. Honestly though, I don't like the verses that much, he just doesn't sing them right, but the chorus is pretty good. It definitely is catchy... and the intro gives me the illusion when it comes on the radio that its an old Metallica song.. its not a bad song its just not up to par with everything else on this album. The biggest redemption for this song is the solo :D B-

7. The Unforgiven III

Probably my favorite of the Unforgiven Series... and my favorite on this album. The intro makes me orgasm a little... especially when I hear the trombone :D :D :D It's such a simple thing to play, but its amazing none the less. The lyrics are just fantastic. It doesn't have a corny (yet admittedly clever that I sometimes like) reference to the title like the Unforgiven II does. The guitar is genius... this song is an honest to God masterpiece... at least in my top 5 Metallica songs. It gets an A+

8. The Judas Kiss

Such power stuffed into one song... This is why I don't pay attention to the message of songs... I'd miss out on some amazing music if I did. The beat of this song combined with those amazing guitars coming along with a really cool artificial effect. And the verses are sang so fiercely. And the chorus is transitioned perfectly... BOW DOWN!!! I love that :) And when he says "Judas lives, recite this vow, I become your new God now"... well... I don't agree... but its put in so perfectly with like barely any other noise except a Hi-Hat and yet still so much power in what he is saying... it doesn't really matter what he is saying... he could be saying "PEANUTS EAT MY FLESH'S COW, HORSE RADISH FALLS ON SANDWICH NOW" and it would still just be amazingly powerfull. This song gets an A

9. Suicide & Redemption

My second favorite Metallica instrumental... right behind Orion... but not quite that great ;) The intro is pretty good... but right when it ends it just blows me away... then gets a little sketchy... then has an amazingly peculiar guitar filler... then right back into amazing guitars... that kind of sound like what was going on. This song is nice and catchy near the middle, catchy as in gets stuck in your head easily... which is a good thing if you like it :D This is a good slow headbang song... about 3 minutes 10 seconds in the freaking heaviness and guitar power just... its just fantastic. Then it goes into a slow part, the slow part is really cool though, really pretty guitar... and then it gradually gets heavier... its one of the best instrumentals and one of their best songs period... ah yes, Metallica near their finest... not quite there but getting there. Oh god... and then the soloesque thing... Blows my mind... This song gets an A

10. My Apocalypse

Oh my god that beat in the beginning is AMAZING... Oh Lars, your genius is showing... (where?). I love the verses, especially how into it James gets. The chorus is a little sloppy. But oh when he says Death Magnetic in the 2nd verse... :D It makes me happy :) I love the transitional verse where he is just naming off random things as fast as he can sing... but the ending... the ending kind of sucks. This song gets a B+

This album overall gets an: A-


* Kill ‘em All: B

* Ride the Lightning: A-

* Master of Puppets: A+

* ...And Justice for All: A

* Metallica (The Black Album): C

* Load: B

* ReLoad: B+

* St. Anger: D+

* Death Magnetic: A-

* Mathematic Metallica grade: B+.... but they deserve an A

Grade description: This is my grading scale... each letter grade gives a certain amount of points, then I add them up and divide by number of songs... giving the album it’s score.

* A+ 15

This is a Metallica Masterpiece... only the elite Metallica songs get this... its very exclusive... I only give one per album, and if there isn’t a song on said album that deserves an A+... well... doesn’t get one...

* A 14

Almost a masterpeice... but not quite there yet... there is one small element that takes away from it being perfect

* A- 13

Only a few things wrong with it, and not necessarily wrong... maybe just leaving something to be desired

* B+ 12

Still really good, just needs a little work... there is something wrong with it that makes it not deserving of any of the “A” grades

* B 11

Pretty good, a little more severe problem or a bunch of small problems but still generally a good song that really helps the album out

* B- 10

Good... not great... but decent. Got alot of small things or a few big things wrong with it, but not so much that I’m going to rip it apart or say it needs alot of work

* C+ 9

Just barely above average... a whole lot of tiny problems... or a few really big ones... or a massively huge problem (but only one) Still a decent representation of Metallica to your friends

* C 8

Average... not good... not bad. Its lilstenable, but its nothing special...

* C- 7

A little below average.. there are alot of problems with this song but there are a few good parts of the song that make it catchy and listenable

* D+ 6

Below average... not good by any sense of the term... it has a few good parts that make it catchy and maybe you’ll occasionally look it up when you’ve listened to way too much good stuff and you’re looking for something fresh or new... you won’t listen to it for very long but you won’t necessarily hate it

* D 5

Just right above the CRAP line... this should be a crappy song... but there is something about it that draws me to it... I don’t know what or why... but something makes me want to listen to it from time to time..

------------------------------------ The line seperating songs I will willingly look up and listen to and those I will not

* D- 4

Just below the CRAP line. This song is really bad... there is absolutely no desire to look this song up... and maybe its not a bad song, but its not metal and its not even really fun to listen to... maybe some skill but nothing catchy or interesting

* F+ 3

Just above failure... it sucks... and lets face it... it sucks hard... but it COULD still be worse

* F 2

You don’t get much worse than this... straight up terrible... there is no reason anyone should like this... a dying cat would be just as appealing to listen to it

* F- 1

A very special and even more rare than A+ grade... this is reserved for the single worst song made by Metallica... and when you listen to the song I gave it to you’ll understand... it is beyond shit... a dying cat would be FAR more appealing than this...

...yes, I was this bored

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