Sunday, January 17, 2010

Minnesota Vikings? This is Tennessee Titans Country!

No, I'm not a Titans fan now, that was a Simpsons quote pertaining somewhat to this post is going to be about. but thats for later in the post.

I barely got any sleep last night... Lawson was counting in his sleep REALLY LOUDLY. But its cool I got Knowshon Moreno to 3,391 rushing yards in week 15 :) I'm gonna bench him for the last two games and let my rookie RB get some experience... also let Donovan McNabb have at least some show this season. 13-1-0 and headed to the superbowl... where I imagine I'll meet Lawson this season because his team is doing awesome. But enough about my obsession with Madden.

Lawson left earlier and the day's been pretty boring so far but Brandon's coming over later :) My dad's making Tacos and Nachos so I'm pretty much a happy camper right now, and tomorrow is band practice so I'm pumped about that, and even the 6 hour winter drumline can't be all that bad, I mean my wrist'll be hurting like a bitch but I love playing guitar :D

My dad bought some of that Mountain Dew Throwback stuff and I haven't tried it yet... not sure how I'll react and I'm told it tastes like Diet Dew so I'm a little worried, but there is one regular dew left and my dad also bought some Green Apple Jones soda so there is something if I don't like the Throwback stuff.

THE VIKINGS WON TODAY!!! And with the Cardinals losing (being raped) to (by) the Saints yesterday I'm officially on the Vikings' bandwagon for the rest of the postseason. Brett Favre is my favorite current football player atm and #2 all time right behind John Elway so I'd like to see him get a second superbowl ring... unfortunately that means he'll retire but I suppose his time is passing so I hope he goes out with a bang :) And other than that the teams that are left are the Colts (whose fans I [MOSTLY] hate [excluding certain fanatical christians and floutists], but Quarterback I generally like alot) the Saints (who are my #2 choice incase the Vikings fail) and the Chargers/Jets (I'd rather see the Jets in the superbowl out of any AFC team left just because I hate the Chargers and dislike bandwagon colts fans).

But it doesn't matter... Vikings = 2010 Superbowl Champions, their first SB win and Brett's Second. Next year is the Bengals year :)

I thoroughly enjoy The Powder Toy

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