Saturday, January 16, 2010

Saturday... not bad :)

Hehe, today has been going pretty good even though Cassie's off doing some kind of hotel camp thing... I'm not even gonna bother trying to understand it, she tried to explain it to me and I was just more confused :P

The band meeting was kind of a fail, we sat there and talked about one thing and didn't really make any progress, so we went and played basketball... which I found out I can't play to save my life (15/16 white is just too much white to play). However when we played around the world I won :) At first Peanut Butter was demolishing all of us and even Josh was getting pretty far while me and Jacob sat at the beginning failing it up. But that 1/16 black in me kicked in after a while and I ended up getting ahead of everyone, although I couldn't make that last shot to save my life lol.

Madden isn't turning out spectacular, I lost my first game to the Peyton Manning led Titans, but I'm still 5-1 versus their 4-2 so I'm not doing too bad, but I was hoping for 16-0. Jacob's playing the Chargers at the moment and just sacked their Rookie QB to make them punt, he's probably gonna win so good for him I suppose. I'm still gonna win the Super Bowl :)

I hear the real Arizona is losing 45-14 right now... that makes me sad :( :( :( I was kind of hoping Kurt Warner would go out with a bang. C'MON CARDS. But I still got the Vikings and Brett Favre, my second favorite player ever right next to John Elway. I'm rooting for the Ravens later because I want to stick it to those stuck up bandwagon Colts fans here in Cincinnati. I have a hard time hating the Ravens, I mean purple and black is pretty awesome as a color combination and Baltimore is an AWESOME city... and they stand for the complete mockery of the Cleveland Browns' existance. However they are a Bengal rival so I just hope they don't win the Super Bowl.

Jacob tells me I write alot... I don't care.


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